About Andrea Jones

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Hi.  My name is Andrea.

Thanks for stopping by WriteNowCountsForever.com, a place for humans. All kinds. Any kind. But always the kind, kind.  I am who I am and I’m sure you are who you are, and somewhere way beyond all that is God. I hope this small space of the internet will be a retreat for you. It doesn’t matter to me if we all agree…I think we are often made better in our disagreements.  What really matters is that we move forward as God’s humanity.  I believe words have the power to do that. One. Word. At. A. time.

Love. Life. Death. And then Eternity.

Some of these blogs will be spiritual, some will simply be creative bursts, others will be things that I’m learning in my travels with other humans.  Sometimes even smashing against other humans.

When I’m not mud running, chasing my two active girls, teaching, or writing, I enjoy meeting with and supporting other Sojourners of this slippery thing we call Life. I’d love to hear from you and all that you’re learning as well. Perhaps somewhere along this written page we will nurture this dry earth one drop at a time. Look up and be encouraged, cause what you write now, counts forever.

Go in peace.

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